How happy I am to be in Love with you,
I want to scream from my lungs till I'm breathless and blue,
I want the world to know how excited I am,
To be in Love with this gorgeous perfect man,

How lucky I am I feel crazy inside,
I'm riding the big roller coaster of pride,
My mind bombarded with thoughts of you,
Is this the beginning of something new.

How creative I am when it comes to romance,
But you are my music and I want to dance,
I arouse to your passion you spice up my desires,
Each pulse in my body burns through me like fires.

How smitten I am with those eyes of green,
Runs through my heart like the deepest ravine,
And what of your smile, makes me weak at the knees,
Sweeps me off my feet like a powerful breeze

How excited I am as I anxiously wait,
For you to arrive for our special date,
You bring roses and wine a candle or two,
Lucky stars shine brighter for me and for you.

How ecstatic I am my heart races and thumps,
Thinking of you I get little goose bumps,
Your affectionate, alluring, funny, and smart,
Defiantly moulded to a very fine art.

How my emotions has taken over me,
And suddenly life's better completely you see
You are one in a million, I have to be true.
I am now understanding the magic of you.

Angel your heart I will keep warm and protect
For I value your love with the upmost respect,
I hope this beginning will remain magical and new.
Because nowhere I'll find another lover like you

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