Are you a man taking Care of your pregnant woman ? Is she disturbing too much or are u tired of her disturbance ? Don't worry I 've come to to give you guide on how to do it better.
          Women, sometime they disturb too much when they are pregnant and if you are not careful enough you will begin to ask her "Are you the first pregnant woman on earth ?" Please don't involve yourself in such unloving scenario. It is not bought from the market, Remember pregnancy is a seed, you plants it and it germinates in her, it is as well a preparation to welcome a new person among us. Adjust to any change you see on her, it is temporally, 9 months to be precisely. Be careful with whatever you do to her during the pregnancy period because it can easily affect her and even her unborn child.

Pregnancy makes women do certain things in common, sometimes she may decide to eat okro and bread, sometimes she may prepare your meal very late and sometimes she may want to stretch her legs on your laps, but in all these what I'm telling you is nothing but
P-A-T-I-E-N-T !  P-A-T-I-E-N-T!!  And P-A-T-I-E-N-T !!!
          Her needs maybe unsatisfiable sometimes. The early stage of pregnancy may seem to be provoking and the disturbance during this stage differs. Some will be busy vomiting, some will add weight, some will be constant fever while some will be excess sleeping even in the kitchen, But don't forget that all these are still your work you remain the major contributor to all these, please try and tolerate it. The journey is not that easy for women.


  The final stage is another time we need to exercise patients, Always observe her feet while pregnant, it swells often, please give her a basin of water to soak her legs once in a while, women enjoy this very treatment during pregnancy. Ask her regularly how she feels and how the baby is. Tell her how beautiful she look during the pregnancy e.g" honey see as the pregnancy makes you fine I will be impregnating you every month oooo". Even if the pregnancy made her grown bigger don't fail to celebrate her. Don't be upset if she wake you up by 2am to help massage her feet, you need to feel little of her discomfort and pains, the baby belongs to both of you and you will help her carry the baby though yours shouldn't be physical. Take her out to all the lovie dovie places you used to go together. Don't run from her rather stand by her she needs you the most at that period.

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