Women are like flowers, the need for flower is its ability to beautify the environment. When  a flower fails to provide this beauty, even if it is not removed its existence will not be recognised to that extent. Do you want your woman to be missing you when you are not around ? If yes, then keep on reading. Make her feel like the first lady, not of the country but of the world. It doesn't take millions of dollars to do these. If she is the type that likes make-up, try and provide her with the cheaper ones like  lipsticks, artificial nails, necklace etc.

          But know you that all these things cannot make your woman cry due to your absence because even if you have been providing her with gold and silver, she can manage the ones you gave her before you disappeared.

Your words towards her appearance makes her see herself in another world above the earth. No matter how poor you maybe let her know that you have a plan for her, try letting her know that with time, she will reign pass the queen of England, continue telling her that once your plan comes to fulfilment that people who knew her won't recognise her when they see her. Even if the clothes and make up you bought for her are the cheapest ones always call her expensive and costliest names whenever she put them on. Every woman struggles to appear the best before the eyes of the public and every woman has special regards to her lover's praises.

There are no other ways of her knowing if she is lovely or not less you are there to tell her how lovely she appears whenever she dressed up, if she applies deodorants don't just say "it is a cheaper one " less you want her feel so low in the midst of her fellow women. Just tell her you love the aroma of her perfume, tell her how it makes you feel for her.

          Whenever she set out for somewhere, tell her she looks like queens who set out for their journey to the moon. If she ask you how ? Tell her she glitters like a gold under the reflection of the sunshine or you can tell her she glitters like gold and not even silver. But if she say s-e-r-i-o-u-s ! Tell her you are more than serious and if she says R-e-a-l-y-? tell her really.

          Sometimes you may need to know if your tricks are making positive impact, while praising her just say "have you kissed daddy ?" If she responds positively then know you it works. Never you see it as a difficult task calling her baby. Sometimes try telling her what is not real as if to say it is reality, try telling her how you manage to fish her out in the midst of other ladies just because of one thing or the other, tell her there was a day the minister in your church pursed the homily just because she enters into the church. She maybe like "aahh, all because of me ?" Name two or three of her friends and tell her she appears more expensive than them. Always thank God before her that you have her.

Remember to be so serious while telling her all these so that she may not realise you are tricking her. Let her know how you values her, tell her you don't know what would have been your fate without her, try telling her how your mind and spirit feels whenever you remembers her being yours. When she is about to go out Tell her you awaits her coming back as security persons awaits the dawn. Do all it takes to know that you will never give her the best but you will put your life on the line of giving her you own best. Tell her that the aroma of her food makes yours and neighbouring compound smell like the mixture of wisteria and frangipani flowers.

          My dear, if you can make out time to practise all these, I'm telling you, your woman will never have rest of mind whenever you are not around. She will always feel dizzy dressing up in your absence just because you will not be there to praise her.

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