Marriage being a legal union of a man and his woman is not an easy to live life. For one to say I want my marriage to be everlasting, one has the need to understand the essence of marriage and in order to understand the essence of marriage there is an easier way of doing this which is by comparing between the ordinary(Traditional) type of marriage and Christian type of marriage 

 ORDINARY (TRADITIONAL). MARRIAGE                                     

          Let me use the Igbos (One of the three major tribes that made up the country Nigeria) for instance, in Igbo land, the man is the head of the family which is also the way the Christian marriage kept it, but the man in Igbo traditional marriage fails to understand the right and the need of his woman a part from she satisfying his conjugal feelings. Sometimes you will hear a man making some unacceptable statements like A woman I married with my money ! As if to say he paid trillion over her. Some men don't even allow their women to eat something like egg which they believed is left for men alone. In one way or the other people practice dictatorship without knowing they 're doing it.



          I think I will take you to the Bible for it to be more easier and for your understanding. According to the Good news Bible. In Genesis 3:18, Then the lord God said "It is not good for the man to live alone, I will make a suitable companion to help him", with this you must have known that the man has a need for a helper, the lord God as the creator must have known what man will undergo and that is why he decided to give him a helper, a suitable one for that matter. Now to tell you that this helper is not an ordinary one the Bible says in verses 21" Then the lord God made the man fall into a deep sleep, and while he was sleeping , he took out one of the man's ribs and closed up the flesh". 

          Let me base my instructional analyses on where God took the man's rib which was best explain with mathematical sets. Every set contains ten elements and when you take out one out Of the ten elements the remaining ones are no more complete and they will continue to be looking for that missing one for them to be complete. Now see it yourself, one of the man's ribs was taken out of him and through that one rib the man's helper was created, this remain the major reason why a man feels uncomfortable whenever he sets his eyes on a woman because inside her is left with the rib that made him incomplete.

     NOW LET'S LOOK INTO THESE TWO                                    MARRIAGES

          From the side of the man, African traditional marriage seems to be dictatorship  while from the woman's side it seems to be a slavery. The woman does not have time for herself but only run up and down for the betterment of her man but she being a woman who was created for beauty and fashion is left with no chance for herself
        But in Christian marriage the woman despite being to the service and totally submissive to her man is left with freedom and liberty because she is a bone from the man's bone and flesh from the man's flesh and because of these, one plus one (1+1) in mathematics is two (2) but as for them it appears to be one. (in Christian marriage 1+1=1).
     If you are able to understand this article and put it into practice, I assure you a happy joyous and long lasting marriage.

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