He was standing in between the two iron door frame when she arrived.
She: I called last night you didn't pick up.
He: So sorry I slept off. ( she cuts him off)
She: and this morning...... ?
He : ( showing her his phone's screen) just trying to call before you appeared.
She : ( nodded her head in distress) Anyway.......
He: you are in doubt with me, I'm I wrong ?
She : I still trust you ( he, still blocking the entrance to the room, she asked, can I go in ?)
He :  just like that ? ( spreading his hands for a hug) not even a hug ?
She: (still holding each other in a hug) did you miss me last night ?
He: ( lowering his voice down to a bedroom voice) it was a very cold night without you, but all thanks you are back.
She:( her voice sounding very low) I'm sorry but that's why I called.

He: I didn't hear my phone(both went in, lying on top the bed, there was a moment of silent)
He: (breaking the silent) why looking at me?
She: Ow ! Sorry
He: I can understand, it has been long. I know you must have been feeling it.
She: ( soaked in love) I'm sorry I wasn't.. I was... I....was...(he cut her off)
He: don't worry I know( he climbed on top her,she was silent, she is there no more)
She : (looking at his lips, made a move to kiss but didn't, she tried again and stopped)
He : laid his hands on her breast, squeezing it slowly.
She:(closed her eyes and was breathing heavily)

             A KNOCK ON THE DOOR
 Both: ( jumped up)
He : who is there ?
Knocker: It's me can I come in?
He:(after some seconds) Ow now I remembered, please come in
Knocker: it is time, can we go as we discussed last night?
He: let's go
She:where ?
He : will explain when I come back

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