What people see as respect today is far different from what it used to be in the past, one who couldn't Carter for what he/she eats doesn't command for his/her respect and again one who always wait to copy after another person's work work doesn't command for respect always think on how to make something new if you want to command respect. Respect is neither something you gain by taking one crate of bear out there in the bar nor by taking fifteen to twenty girls to the hotel rooms. You won't make name by putting shame into another man's eyes either by slapping him before your girl or by exposing the help you rendered to him before your woman.

          Respect is what you command by thinking deeper then talking lesser (Robert Green) spend almost all your time thing but when talking whether to an individual body or group I urge you to be precisely less you want to see your self talking trash. There is a greater difference between written and oral speech, In written speech you may decide to write twenty pages of papers thereby making only one point in each page, you will still see people reading it but when you are making oral speech that same way I assure you that you won't need to be told that the people or group you are talking to ate getting to be board of what you are saying.

          My advice to everyone out there is make out time for planning, think out what will be the out come of what so ever you planned to do, Is this going to be for good? Even if yes, Is it going to be for the good of everyone ? If no please forget it. If we should all be thinking this way I assure you everybody will know us for good and when this come to happen l'm the one telling you that the next thing is that people around us will begin to be talking good about us while people from a far will be longing to see us. If they manage to see us my people what do you think that will happen when this come to be ? Just answer and keep the answer to yourself.

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