THE WOMAN I LOVE

Cloud dances because of wind; flower sings because of rain; grass grows because of earth; I live because of you, you are only the reason, you are the reasons. Your love to me is like an ocean, not of water nor gold but love and love alone. Thinking about you makes me see days as seconds. As my heart beats so your love lingers to my memory, you are the beat that my heart beats. To me you are a sunshine and not the moonlight because the moon always borrows from the sun. Your smiles always make you appear to be an angel before my sight, to my hearing, your voice sounds like the sweatiest music instrument. A day without you seems like a second without air, you are the solution to all my life problems, Many wish to love you but as of for me I love and cherish you, you are the most expensive of my life inheritance and remembering you always put a smile on my face. I can't wait to take you to a mountain where we should make it official, My prophesy  is that someday somewhere somehow me and you will be together, In fact baby, you have made me a prophet of love, upon our love alone I prophesy.

          For your love I forgot Diana, your slap I see as petting, for your love I spends money like ordinary papers, I wonder what I could have been doing without  you.

We have been together in the day but one thing remains, a night with you, a night you occupy a portion of my bed, As the deer pants for water so my soul pants for that special and wonderful night, a night made of gold. Many tried to be noticed without being noticed but you just passed by and I realised I was looking till you went out of sight. Many ask me for assurance but I'm the one asking you for assurance. Many shout directly to my eardrum and I didn't hear them but you whispered from a far and it sounded a thousand times to my hearing.

          I think he specially made you for me, in you lies my joy, you are the Invaluable treasure, for you alone gives me more life, your wrongs are right to me and your love to me is far better than money. 

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