Never mess with a woman, she is the only person that met face to face with the devil and till date no one knows what was discussed apart from the apple story. And again a woman's heart is an ocean of secret nothing comes out of it unwilling. With this I advise men to be careful with women and women should be careful with themselves. Both men and women should listen to this advice.
       Give more of attention to the female issues because they know more than the male ones and can keep more secret than the male ones. If you compare the knowledge of a boy and a girl of the same age, the girl must have known a lot of things than the boy and must have entered where the boy has not  dreamed to enter.
She will unveil these to you only when you are able to make good use of your brain which is using her brain as well.
Some women finds it difficult giving issues to their husband not because they are barren but just that they don't see their husband sexy. If he is not sexy, then why did you marry him in the first place ? Some planned it even before their wedding and that's why you see some women convincing their husband for court marriage. Girls of nowadays are powerful and full of wisdom, they can introduce two boyfriends at the same time they be like "John my love meet Fred my sweetheart" and the two mumu he-goats will both smile and then say to each Dear men, every Friday shouldn't be clubbing with BAE, Sometimes take to night vigils and see if she will turn to a LIZARD OR VULTURE.
          Men should be very careful with what they see as love because even the true love is not real don't ask me how because I will still explain it in my next post. *Chairman how far*


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