EpL: Chelsea player mocks colleague for being so short

Miazga mocking his opponent for being short
Chelsea star, Matt Miazga mocked Mexico’s Diego Lainez for being short during a friendly clash between the United States and Mexico last night.
It was gathered that Miazga, who stands 6ft 4ins, did not exactly see eye-to-eye with his 5ft 6ins opponent which caused the altercation between the two.
And in one flashpoint, Miazga looked down his nose – quite literally – at Lainez.
The current Nantes star and Lainez came together and squared up.
Lainez fumed in Miazga’s direction, with the giant defender raising his right arm in front of him to indicate his rival’s height.
Miazga then peered over the top, mocking Lainez for being vertically challenged.

The USA star said afterwards: “ We talked a little smack. It’s part of the game. It’s mental warfare.
“We got in their heads. They got a red card right after it. It took a toll and we won the game.”
Lainez denied being affected by Miazga’s trolling.

He said: “I wasn’t offended by Miazga. It’s football. Football players are different sizes and have different skill sets.”
Caretaker coach Dave Sarachan saw his US side win 1-0 thanks to Tyler Adams’ 71st-minute goal – his first for his country.

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