You have to EARN the right to more sex, here are 9 tips to help you

Are you having too much sex


You know, there is always this complain that there’s not enough sex.

It is not uncommon to see couples quarrelling because one of them is not giving the other enough sex.

Interestingly, it is usually the guy’s who are sex starved — a big problem.

But do you know that most times, the woman (or your partner) actually feels you  DO NOT DESERVE more than you get?

If that is true it means you have to EARN the right to more affection… so Wha’anda brings you 9 tips on how to make your woman give you more sex than you can handle:

1. Give Her Enough Foreplay Before Sex: Foreplay is very important for women because it takes more time for them to get to climax than the average man. So mere penile sex every time makes the prospect of sex boring for them. Spice up with intense foreplay and she'll look forwards to it.

2. Hug Her From Behind: It's time to give her those warm hugs from behind with your chest rested on her back and your arms around her shoulder, over her breasts. It's brief, warm and intimate.

4. Say Hi With A Kiss: Cultivate the habit of greeting her with a real kiss/peck whenever you meet ... add a brief hug. Shows you miss her.

4. Avoid Her Turn-Offs: Every woman has a turn off, and if you want to get anything from her, sex inclusive, just stay away from it.

5. Stay With Her After Sex: Some men have the habit of turning away from the woman immediately they come. It's bad because you leave her feeling used. So she gets reluctant next time. So when you come, that is the time to draw her close, and even clean her up.

6. Try Something New Everyday: When yo do the same thing every time, it loses value. Learn new skills and show them to her.

7. Ask Her What She Wants You To Do To Her: Communicating during sex is very important. Let her tell you what she wants and give it to her.

8. Never Be Too Distracted To Reciprocate: Sex is reciprocal. Don't always be on the receiving end of sexual favors like mouth-jobs. Give and get.

9. Buy Her Lingerie: Ahh, women love this one...go out f your way to get her some fine lingerie. If you have problems getting her size, steal one of hers and the attendant at the boutique will be glad to help you out with a matching size.

So go there and EARN the right to sex.

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