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Each time Abagana indigenous priests gather for their annual meeting a woman by name Mrs. Ugha from Muogbana Parentage Had been talking to them to establish a catholic girls' secondary school in Abagana and fortunately her plea was not in vain. In 2004 Monsignor B.K. Nwazorjie who is an Indigenous priest of Abagana was sent to to work as the parish priest of his home Parish St.Michael's and All Angels GRA, Parish, he began to seek for advice and cooperation of people who supported the idea. Later he met the then parish priest of St. Mark's Parish (mother parish) Patrick Chukwuma and he accepted the idea and helped to get the support of other parish priests in the community. Then a committee of about twenty members were set headed by Sir Boniface Ezejiegu who did well in carrying out secretarial duties along side Mr. Fidelis Ugha. In a nutshell, that is where the idea started.
     Rev.Fr.Patrick Amobi Chukwuma

                 INITIAL CHALLENGES

    The challenges were many. They started with nothing. They began to think of the location, land space, site and people to meet. They went round Abagana looking for a suitable place to site the college. One of the places they went to look for land was the area close to Girls' Secondary School Abagana. Later, somebody directed them to Chief Vincent Nweze (the father of Rev.Sr. Nweze) who had a land to sell around St. Mark's Parish. They inspected the land though small in size but they thought it was viable. He was willing to sell the land to them, they knew the space was not enough but they needed to hold up to something. They negotiated with him though without money but how they got the money is unknown. With the little money they had they bought another land adjacent to it and some materials to take off the building projects.

        In 2009 they organised a launching to raise fund. It was very successful in terms of people who attended the launching. They made promises but most of them were not redeemed. They distributed fliers telling them what they intended to do.  Their next plan was to start building projects. They mapped out the following buildings : Bishop Shanahan, Bishop Heery, Blessed Father Iwene Taansi, Blessed Mother Teresa, Cardinal Francis Arinze, Lady Regina Nwankwu, Bishop N.E. Okoye and Bishop A.K. Obiefuna buildings.

      They estimated the cist of each building hoping that the people they invited will take each of them one by one.  One of the people they invited made promises which would have been enough to complete three buildings but unfortunately, he did not fulfil his promises as he has not given them a even a penny since then though sometimes responded.



           The pioneer and first principle of the school (Mrs. Rose Ozoh) used her wealth of experience in running the school. She is an experienced woman who retired from The Federal Girls' Government college. Their intention was to build quarters and invite Rev.sisters to administer the school. Then as regards to the place of development, they made efforts I'm bringing sand, cement, made sketches but when time was running against them they decided to negotiate for a site at the St.Martin's Parish to at least start the junior secondary there but some people rejected the idea which was brought up by Msgr Nwazojie. Then bad thought crept in and some people got disillusioned. The committee provided sand and moulded  blocks. They stopped at the foundation level before they could do nothing else.


  Stella Maris Girl's College

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