How To Make Relationship Work


Love is ageless, any love that fades is not real, any love that dwindles is not strong..
Don't be deceived, be calm but smart to know who is dating you..

If you refused to face reality; you end up in dead relationship.

√ First, you must realize that one person doesn't keep relationship, is a collective effort in communication, attention, care and aspirations.

√ The most welcome response to LOVE is Reciprocation.
If you can't reciprocate that feeling, love, attention, time, passion, you will eliminate "Value" and "happiness" in your relationship.

√ Say what you want in a relationship; procrastination, won't make it work..
Time is to expensive in love..

√ Relationship is a sickler, love is the doctor, happiness is its drugs..
If your love is fake it won't work..

√ Making relationship work entails self control and discipline.
Without it, you're dating for fun..

√ Remove "Trust" from any relationship, you're making monkery of yourselves.
To make it work, you MUST trust your partner.

√ Learn to admit your fault and shut up when your right...
Relationship is not a law Court..

√ Don't say you won't talk about it. No! Learn to listen and hear him/her out..
Is a place of correction not condemnation.

√ There is nothing more destructive in a relationship than selfishness..
Change the language from " I" to " We"....

√ Don't date for merriment; date for marriage.
It will guide and guard your intention to your destination.

√ Is good to talk about marriage in your relationship, but don't promise when you're not ready...

√ If your Ex is still in the picture, you won't move forward, let your present have your attention...
Look beyond what you can gain and focus on how to make it work for marriage..
Jerry Iwu...
In God We Trust..

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