Fr. EBUBE MUONSO

       The spiritual director of the Holy ghost Adoration Ministry Ukeh Anambra Nigeria Emmanuel Obimma (EBUBE MUONSO) has made it opened to Nigerians that there is need for change. 

       EBUBE MUONSO  spoke so bitterly on the social media with much emphasis laid on the present situation of the country.

       In his words through the social media he said "May the Blessings of our lord Jesus Christ be upon u my fellow Nigerians, one thing remains constant and that thing is change, this our country is blessed with many natural resources but because of the bad leadership and governance we undergo in this country we still suffers from poverty and wretchedness, we need a leader who will keep us safe from massacre, domination and intimidation in this country, we need a leader who will restore us back to being the Giants of Africa, A leader with the right sense of leadership"

       He went further telling the Nigerians never to betray themselves on the election day.

       Finally the Spiritual director urged with the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari to hand over peacefully if at all he fail to win the election specifying that the president had tried as much as he can, and also that Atiku and his Vice Peter Obi who was the former governor of Anambra state should do anything good to restore back the dignity and ergo of this country if they win the election.

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