Onto the actual ask out. Don’t worry too much. It shouldn’t take you hours to come up with the perfect thing to say. If you are that nervous to ask him out, you may not be ready for the date.

So take these tips, type up a text, reread it for any weird spelling or grammatical errors, and hit send. Waiting for a response is the hardest part.

1. MAKE IT CLEAR IT IS A DATE: Before going in make sure you are being clear. You don’t want to offer him two tickets to a show, you want to invite him to go with you. Reread what you wrote to make sure it makes sense without the context of you dwelling over what to say all day.

2. AVOID WORDS LIKE HANG OUT OR MEET UP: Vague words like hang out indicate that you are just in fact hanging out. In that case, you have nothing to be nervous about at all. But you want to ask this guy out.

In person chemistry, eye contact, and more make it clear you are asking him out on a romantic date. But as you opted to go virtual, you have to make sure you actually use the words date or go out.

3. DON’T SECOND GUESS YOURSELF: This has happened to me countless times. I wrote out the perfect ask out text, reread it, and then deleted all of it because I lost my nerve.

But there is no need for that. You like this guy, so go for it. If you don’t ask him out, you’ll never know what could have happened.

4. HAVE CONFIDENCE:  Whether you want to put on your best outfit and swipe on your favorite lipstick to amp up your confidence, do it. Look in the mirror and know what a catch you are.

This will make the waiting part easier and hitting send will feel more like you are inviting the guy you like to get to know you better, not sending off the last text of your life as you know it.

5. BE DIRECT: When you’re trying to figure out how to ask a guy out over text, whether you are fretting over the exact words to use or not, just bite the bullet and hit send. Be straightforward.

No offense to guys, but they tend not to be great at reading between the lines or picking up on subtle clues, so just go for it.

6. AVOID GIVING HIM AN OUT: For some reason girls have been conditioned to always be uber polite, almost to an annoying point. Do not say something like, “it is totally okay if you say no.” This just makes you seem unsure.

Not to mention it seems like you aren’t eager to actually go out and that you would be perfectly happy if he said no. Part of asking someone out is showing interest, not making it seem like you sort of don’t want to because you’re scared he’ll say no.

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