Take away sex and most women have nothing to offer" does that sound familiar? Of course it is what the "woke" guys of our generation are saying.

But when a friend in my management class opened up to me that everytime  they have an issue,  her boyfriend keeps asking her "what are you bringing to the table on this relationship besides sex?" I was shocked.

First, I told her you shouldn't be in a relationship with someone like that. Second, that sex shouldnt even be on the table. Third, do you have anything to offer him besides sex? Fourth, what exactly does he offer in the relationship besides sex and lastly do you still want to keep that relationship?

I told her, cut out sex then everytime you visit talk about business, career ,goals, financial plans, talk about investments and since you're a project manager at your company ask to help him with his projects from work. Go with documentaries for you both to watch, insist on watching only news channels then discuss it with him. If he suggests anything related to sex tell him thats no longer on the table and now youre only bringing self improvement to the table.

If you want the relationship to continu then fine. If not, after showing him you have more to offer then break it off but be sure to lecture him on how a wife brings everything to the table because she does so much thet even the eyes cant see but for a boyfriend the only thing a girlfrind can do for him is to add value by helping him become a better person. Then ask him bros what exactly have you brought to the table besides sex? When she did this for a month, boyfriend became angry and threatened to cheat on her if she doesn't bring sex back and take away all this "over sabi and know know"

The average Nigerian man don't want intelligence, they really don't want anything from women besides sex, cleaning, cooking, washing and almighty submission. Yet they complain about it being the only thing they're been offered.

Her case makes me wonder what is it that this woke guys really bring to the table? Money? Sex? What else? Yet they expect a woman to bring something to a table that they dont even have? What can a lady who youre not committed to actually bring to the table? As a wife women bring a lot, they handle everything but Nigerians will only focus on anything that has to do with money and then claim that's what is important.

Everyone knows what they want from a relationship so if you're not getting it move on, instead of harassing women with insensitive statements. When I started my relationship nobody was bringing money or sex to the table yet we've lasted 8years.

All we had to bring to the table was ideologies, values, goals, plans, ideas and our personalities. Young people these days need to stop looking for what isn't missing and focus on important things. You can't be going into relationships for sex and at the same time castigate your partner for giving it. it means you don't know what you want.

But really what do people really bring to the table in a relationship not bound by anything, a relationship like the boyfriend/girlfriend, what exactly do they bring to that table?

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