A woman is the help a man needs to be complete
A woman is the best part of man
No man exists without a woman
A woman is a helper
A woman is the best Home Manager
A woman is an instrument of comfort
A woman is the pillar of the family
A woman is God's mystery in man's life
A woman is full of life
A woman is the mother of the living
A woman is a pain killer
A woman is an Inventor
A woman can make and break
A woman can bear all pains and still smile
A woman can lose her world for a man she truly loves
A woman is loves unconditionally
A woman is to be loved and honoured
A woman is the neck that turns the head
A woman is a builder
A woman is the caretaker
A woman is the Home Doctor
A woman is the Interior Decorator
A woman is the Facilities Manager
A woman is the Alarm in the Home
A woman wakes up early and sleep late
A woman gives her time and virtue for her family
A woman respects and submit to her husband
A woman forebear the pain of neglect
A woman loves without looking back
A woman is full of strength to go on
A woman shields her children and her man
A woman is the music in the home
She is the listener and speaks less
She's a giver
A woman is the link between  the children and her man
She knows everyone and knows more

A woman deserves love, care, respect, attention, prayers and ultimately appreciation.
God bless every woman reading this and every man that is behind their happiness!
I congratulate you for being a woman.

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