If love means to cherish,
and honor a sweet soul.
Inscribed on my heart,
with you I feel whole.

If love means to be patient,
cheerful and kind.
Nothing is more important,
than you on my mind.

If love means to be selfless,
and always forgive.
A mere glance into your eyes,
and forever I'll live.

If love means to joyously,
every moment to share.
For your continued happiness,
more than anything, I care.

If love means to always,
listen and respect.
With every soft kiss,
I strive to connect.

If love means to give up,
all the mountains on earth.
I would do so instantly,
for our love has infinite worth.

If love means to be there,
through the thick and the thin.
With your love in my heart,
each day I shall win.

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