You are the best...
A lot of Ladies have WIFE qualities in them.
But it's so sad how we Men don't see those qualities in them because we look for the wrong things.
Most of us men don't understand the concept of scale of preference in relationship.
Having the ability to separate our wants from needs.
Uncles,Understand this principle,there are qualities a Lady must have before you meet her,and there are qualities you must help her build.

Aunty, nothing is wrong with you, your standards are not high, your values are not too much for any man to keep up,i know you might have made mistakes in the past but i can't judge you by your past when you have a bright future.
Those godly principles you're upholding now and trying to keep is not outdated.

Be claim,be patient, The Lord would send someone amazing and understanding, not the one that would be judging you, but the one who can celebrate you and help you get better and close to him.
Trust God...You are the best and nobody can change that..
That he left you doesn't make you less best,he was so blind to see your worth.
So don't worry.
Remember, there is no sorrow heaven cannot cure.

Have a positive impact ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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