Sometimes getting a good Valentine's Day gift can seem like an impossible task. Maybe you've only been dating for a month and you don't want to overdo it, or you've been dating for three years so her expectations are way high.

For Valentine's Day, step away from anything that will wilt after three days, and instead, opt for something with a little strategy in mind.

This holiday requires an especially thoughtful eye, too. Think about what she does in her downtime, or what she says she wants to do. Gifting something adjacent to something you know she likes shows you're thoughtful, not unoriginal.

Some ladies drop hints but much more than that, we have brought you facts! Real life women share what they would like to recieve from their partners on Valentine's day.

Princessa, an Educational Consultant says she wants a dress, a shoe and a nice perfume for Valentine's day.

Joanna, a Social Media Manager said she wants a camera and a tripod for her makeup vlogging.

Ijeoma, a Content Developer says she wants a car for mobility.

Etim Mercy, a Content Specialist that just moved into a new apartment said she wouldn't mind one or two home appliances.

Cassandra, a romantic said she just wants a huge teddy bear with chocolates.

Guys, if you think deep for a minute, your girlfriend might be an Ijeoma, an Etim, a Cassandra, or even a Joanna.

Fom sexy lingeries to basics like shoes, sneakers and niceties like flowers and chocolates or even a date night, make sure it is tailor made to fit your partner.

The trick is to remember that one thing she has either been 'oohing' and 'aahing' over or that one thing she has been whining you to get for her since forever.

Whatever you decide to do, don't forget a card! A card is important because in it you get to tell her how you really feel so you can hear the satisfied 'awwwn' when she is done reading it.

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