Do have misunderstanding with your patner ? Don't worry your self, do you know y ? It makes the relationship/marriage stronger than you expected.
Just pick up your phone and dial his or her phone number, say to him/her;

1. Buddy of life, what have you used on me? How come I’m missing you so much? Get yourself down here. Can’t wait to see you.

2. We’re a team, the two of us. One can’t function well without the other. All I’m saying is come home soon, I’m missing you.

3. What do you think you’re doing being away for so long? How did you think I could cope without you? Get back here fast. I miss you so bad.

4. You do know nothing can separate us, don’t you? Not even distance! You’re my best friend and no one can take your place in my life. I miss you though.

5. I know you had to leave to pursue your dreams, it doesn’t stop this ache in my heart though. I miss all our times together. I miss you real bad.

6. True friendship never dies. Though you’re far away, I keep you in my heart always.

7. I miss our cheerful banter, I miss our stingless arguments. I miss your mischief. I miss our friendship.

8. You and I, one of a kind. Why did you have to go away? I’m here, left behind, missing you.

9. Friends are supposed to stick together forever, yet you left me here all alone. How could you do this to me? I miss you so much it makes me cry

10. When you’re done gallivanting, I’d be here waiting for you. In the mean time, I’ll keep myself busy missing you.

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