1.Wrestling is a useless tin i will never waste my time to watch..I mean y would men without trousers fight for a belt

2. Pls is it a crime for me to stop a taxi greet all the passengers then walk away??

3.Some of you guys never take gals on date all you know is when will you coman visit me as if you've been admitted in d hospital

4. There are some idiots in this world dat always answer no to every question now tell me are you one of them?

5. Nollywood Don come again o wat is vilju milk plastic doin in heaven??
6.i fainted when she told me she came first in waec

7. I don tire for all this yoruba women self na so i go visit som1 4 tollgate on my way goin i saw a woman sellin zobo then i asked if it's cold i figured she did not understand english so i asked in yo,ruba mama sobo yin tutu she replied sayin Ori lo buru oko baba re lo le ma gbona pls shey na abuse i abuse d woman?

8.The awkward moment when the barman tells you pepsi is#1000 you will be like ehn i mean d mineral one not the alcoholic one

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