The federal government of Nigeria has announced that all land boarders should remain closed from Friday 22nd to Friday 24th Feb. 2019.
     The comptroller general of the Nigeria Immigration NIS Muhammad Babandede said the direction was given by the interior minister of the country Abdulrahman Dambazau with the aim to avoid non Nigerians from coming into the country during election period.

      Buhammad Babandede in his words when the General Manager of called him for confirmation that yesterday, he said "yes Further to the Presidential Election taking place on the February 23, 2019, the Honourable Minister of Interior has directed the closure of all Nigeria Land Borders with effect from 12:00 noon of Friday, February 22 to 12:00 noon of Sunday, February 24, 2019,” Babandede said.

This is to restrict movements across the borders during the election days. The public is to take note and ensure compliance.”


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