relationship, every woman deserves ~~

1- A man who calls her sweet romantic names....!!!

2-A man who Kisses her like he means it,

3- A man who Holds her like he never wants to
let her go...!!!

4-A man who  Doesn't cheat or lie,

5- A man who Wipes her tears when she cries!!

6-A man who  Doesn't make her jealous of other women.....!! Instead makes other women
jealous of her....!!

7- A man who isn't scared to let his friends know how he really feels about her....,!!

8- A man who always reminds her of how
much he really loves her.....!!!

9- A man who doesn't make her feel lonely while he is there, busy on phone or watching t.v

10- A man who provide and give her attention, without being begged to.

11- A man who is romantic not only for sexual purposes

12- A man who communicates with her.

Guys are we together??

Ladies let the list continue.....

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