Its only hours to Valentine’s Day, 14th of February, the day designated for lovers to celebrate their love.

While we wait, as we all would for every tomorrow anyways, lets take a step back and try to understand the other side of Valentine’s Day - why it shouldn't be such a big deal.

As a day meant for lovers to celebrate their love, it is quite baffling that more of the activities encouraged on the day are not tailored to help individuals who are in love become receptive to the idea of celebrating their love every day they are together.

Every day should be a day to celebrate your love with another, not just on February 14. Restricting the celebration to one day makes showing love less of a big deal. Showing love will be more of a big deal when lovers are pushed to celebrate their love everyday they spend together.

If you love someone enough to be with them, you should love them enough to express your feelings to them on a daily basis. You should always treat your girl or guy with as much adoration and love as you do on Valentine’s Day. If you can't and/or won't, then you have no business having Val's Day plans. Thrash it already!!!

You must agree that the act of showing love should be stress less. But thanks to the obligations Valentine’s Day comes with, it offers the exact opposite as it forces lovers to stress.

Also, the day is another expensive day on a calendar that has a good number of them already. Serious money is spent for the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, and now, the wallet must again come out for some sucking on this random day in February.

It is a day to make plans - gotta get roses, and some chocolates, and ohhh can’t forget those dinner reservations! - and this is also a day to freak out when those plans don’t go exactly the way you want them to. Talk about avoidable stress!!!

If we must be honest, Val’s Day empowers gender stereotypes. For men, it is a day where they get to prove how much they love their girl. For women, it is a day to sit back and relax as their guy breaks his back to give them the perfect night.

Valentine’s Day feeds into the stereotype that men are dominant in the relationship - here’s this powerful, strong man, giving me everything I could have wanted; without him, I’d be nothing. So totally wrong! Girls and guys should be equals when it comes to a relationship; not one person should do more than the other.

It's absolutely cool for lovers to celebrate their love, however, restricting it to a day doesn’t do much to motivate lovers to celebrate their love every day.

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