15 romantic messages that your man would love you to send him - because men need love and reassurance too ...

1. “You are looking good today”

Yes, men need compliments too.

2. “Yesterday was amazing”

Tell him how much you enjoyed spending time with him yesterday. If you two made love, tell your husband how great he was last night. It boosts his ego.

3. “I am blessed to have you”

Show him you appreciate how fortunate you are to have him. It makes him feel valued.

4. “Please pray for me”

This shows you need him and his prayers. Involving God in your love shows how serious and sacred your love is.

5. “What can I cook for you tonight?”

Men love to eat. That you would ask him what he wants, makes him feel excited and appreciated.

6. “I love you”

No matter how macho men try to be, they love being told this by the woman they love.

7. “Can I take you out?”

Surprise him. Treat him. A queen can also plan a date for her king. Men love women who take charge sometimes. Things should be left up to him every single time.

8. “Thank you for the phone call”

The moment after he gives you a phone call that makes you laugh, smile or shows he cares, send him a text that expresses your gratitude.

9. “I will be late but I’ll make it up to you”

Women tend to delay when going on a date or event. Don’t keep him waiting and expect him to understand, just because he is your man. Inform him you will be late.

10. “I am wearing your favourite underwear”

Tell him when you are wearing his favourite underwear, that black thong that he likes, the bra he likes to unstrap. Let him know when you are not wearing any underwear too! Encourage a playful and intimate relationship.

11. “Are you OK?”

Many women want their man to care and ask how she is, but don’t do the same for their man. Find out how your man is, how his day has gone. Many men are stressed and need their woman/wife to show concern. So many men have issues and need a safe place to vent.

12. “You are a good man”

In a world where women talk badly about men and have given up on men, this is the greatest compliment. If you have a good man, appreciate him. Being a good man doesn’t mean he is perfect, but the more you praise him, the better he will become, and the more effort he will make.

13. “I can’t wait for us to leave this place and be alone with you”

When you are both in the same venue full of people, send him this text. He will read it, smile, look at you and your eyes will meet with intense passion. Show him you look forward to your private moments with him.

14. “God bless your day/You are blessed”

As his woman/wife, even without him asking, bless his day. Send him a message when he is at work, blessing him, calling him blessed. Your words are powerful and will shape him.

15. “You are an amazing father”

He is there, doing the best he can for your child/children; thank him and consistently and regularly recognise his greatness, and the greatness will never leave him.

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