Touch, caress, lick, blow on and rub the entire body.

Take your time to enjoy the entire surface of her body including her head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, elbows, hands, hips, legs and toes. Try avoiding the breasts, genitals and other traditionally sensitive areas  to build up intensity.

You can use your fingers, hair, tongue, lips and any other body part you can dream up to offer a slow, sensual caress. You might want to start from the crown of her head and work your way toward her genitals. Then move down to the tip of her toes and work your way back up to the midsection.


As you work across her entire body, gently breathe or brush against her sensitive parts without offering any significant pressure or contact. In the game of seduction, incidental contact is King! Let her ache for you to touch those sweet spots as the tension builds and blood continues to rush to the surface of her skin.


When the time comes to touch between her legs, avoid penetration for a while. That’s right! You’ll have to resist the urge to start shoving things in there. The vulva is a very sensitive area that is designed for pleasure and it is not necessary (and not always desirable) to put a finger in the vagina to work her up. Try gently rubbing your thumbs up and down her inner and outer labia. Use lots of lube and a smooth, soft stroke. Increase pressure slowly according to her response.

Flex your palm and fingers to create a mock tongue with your hand and lube it up generously.

Move your wet hand like a tongue to mimic licking the outside of the vulva and pubic mound. Use your breath on the wet areas to cool and warm the surface.

Whatever your approach, make sure you communicate with your partner to make sure she is comfortable throughout the process. Encourage her to express her pleasure and convey the well-deserved appreciation for your time and care. Have fun and always practice safer sex.

In Part II, i’ll explore more ways to touch the vulva and intensify orgasms. I promise! But don't rush for it....

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