- Where are you taking me?
- I still don't know...
- you're funny...
- that's it, I don't know where I'm taking you, but I know one thing very well
I want you to stand by me.
I want to walk knowing that your voice is here, and if i face I look at you, and if i call you by name you answer me, and if i take your face in my hands I feel your warmth, and if i approach... your ... your emotions... I hear them... and if you close your eyes I keep seeing them...

I want to share the time, and if it rains we'll wet together, and if there's sun we're looking for a place where maybe feel
And if we lose... together we find the way.
And if we discuss... together we talk to make peace.
I want you to be here, because if you're not there...My Divine I miss you crazy... if you're not there you can't understand how much you weigh this time... if you're not there... What's the
And then... and then you could teach me...
- teach you? Teach you to do what?
- I don't know... anything.


I mean there will be one thing I can't do, there will be something I never thought to do... think about it... you taught me what the desire to want someone next to you, you taught me to not be able to do without You... My dear you taught me to chase the days to see you... you taught me to handle the lack... you taught me that there are no limits... you taught me to believe in that hard road that it was Open in front of us... and now that you're there... stay.
Stay here.

Here... Here's teach me to paint.
Painting our life... Color... tell it...
Dear... think about it... already now ours is a beautiful story that fairy tales would line up to grab a snippet.
Feel how nice it is to squeeze...
- you know... one day you wrote me..."see you at that time of that day".

Inside me I always believed this appointment in the air.
This is the day where my life had made appointment with yours.
In the meantime you taught me to not be able to do without you, looking for you in a dream, in words.
You taught me that the wait can make the moments unforgettable.
- and then?
- shhh... we walk together... come lets live our life together for ever...

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