Take me....Deep inside you to your sacred place before words are spoke in to poetry.
Take me...To your temple, your sacred place in the silent moments before your prayer.
Take me...To your aching desire, your sacred place to the gasp of air
Take me...My sacred lover, to the edge of our sensual garden, basking in pure divine light of love

And only when you touch the right hands that you feel all the beauty of your body.
More than looking at your hands you learn to listen to them, to translate them, as they move, talk, silence, nothing is done.

And what a love it is.
Love that wraps
And twists every reason.
Love that inebriates and clouds
That brain accountant
With his game
Of giving and having.

'No, I don't miss you ..
not in a way that one is missed.
But I think of you,
sometimes ..
In the way that one might think
of the summer sunshine
on a winter night ...'

Nothing will make a girl smile in the morning, than a sweet message from the guy she loves ...

'I can’t imagine life without you' ...

If Only I Could Love You..

If I could love you,
I would love you strong with the strength
of a million Dreams.

My rains would flood you with passion
My storms, blow every leaf from your tree
leaving you bare so you could share your soul
with meIf I could love you the way you deserve
I would search you as if searching for
answers to all the questions that are left
I could pursue you like dawn chases night,
relentlessly reach into your shadows,
explore you completely

If I could love you, I would love you so deeply
your heart would beat wildly with my whispers
my desires would fill your every need
your heart would hunger for no one but me

I would love you with vigorous colors
of rainbows and sunsets and vivid skies
My light would bring you to your knees -
then maybe I could show you
all the beauty in you that I see

I would show you how to set that beauty free ~
If only I could love you 😍

There are thoughts that accompany you morning to evening you always bring them with you because the heart never forgets the emotions that gave you that special person you keep in your shelter called home as a sense of wellness protection that makes you happy even an instant Who you love will always be with you
There's that caress of the evening you need to feel at home.... a place called heart❤

You are inside my head like a river without words silence has dropped on us without words we are this dark evening it's cold my sore eyes don't find peace in my soul I miss you as I miss the air I miss you you I just feel cold I need A hug of yours and tell me you're there because I need you ❤
Love is not always being happy and happy is also pain suffering tears abandon rain and storm that hurts to die you crush your stomach and soul and stay silent to think ❤

My heart fills with desire at the thought of you.
Your soul in flight next to mine,
we weave in and out through the clouds.
The touch of your soft lips upon mine sends
shivers of joy down my spine.
Attacking every nerve in my body till
all my senses collide in warm ecstasy.

My mortal shell lusts for your we lock onto each other in a loving embrace.
Beyond the clouds,beyond the world our souls continue to fly.
Losing ourselves within each other creating a void around us.

Through your eyes i see joy,laughter,friendship.
The desires of one who wants to be loved whole heartedly
without restraints,expectations,suspicion.
Loved for the beauty that is, she.
You see the tears in my eyes.
Tears that cry for the joy you bring into my life.
You feel the warmth in my heart.
Once a cold flame that would not light, now a raging inferno lit by your love, your lust for me.

Though far from me you stand
the fire still rages within me.
Burning with such intensity,
it burns all that try to come near.
No matter where you are ,
you shall never be alone.

if loneliness touches your skin and you begin to hunger,
feed upon my hunger,my lust,my desire for you.
Feed upon my soul,
i deny you nothing.
And if you should feel cold,
take the fire from within my heart and place it inside of you.
My love, keep you warm.

Our souls forever entwined,
we continue on through the cosmos.
Together through time.
Passing from one moment to the next.

You and I, two souls that fate would bring together, you and me two hearts unite and become one big love, you and me a body and a soul, forever united in our desire to love .

I can go days without talking to you, months without seeing you, but not a second goes by that I'm not thinking about you....💖💖💖!!!!!!!!

When I will see you again
Winter be gone forever
It will be happy Summer time

When I get to hold you again
I know it will be most
Happiest brightest day

When I could kiss you again
I won't close my eyes I want to see
How beautiful clouds flow easy and free
In your warm golden brown eyes

When I get to show you once more
How beautiful world when I'm yours
It will be perfect much better than
Any dream that you ever dreamed

When next time you hold me
I know it will be, this day will come
I ask you for nothing
just hold me forever
Be with me and stay
Tell me you ,happy and true,,,
Promise I never be lonely or cold

When next time I'll see you,,
Soon,,I know it won't be long

You make me complete with your love that is honest and true. You are my world, My heart and soul are lost without you. I never want to lose you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

I don’t know if I still have the same place in your heart and I’m not sure if you still thinking about me the same way you used to tell me
But one thing I’m sure about that my feelings for you never changed and You are the only one that I love and I always will..

Love is when you are with someone, doing absolutely nothing, yet you feel perfectly happy and at peace with each other. Love is not living a life of control, abuse and lies.

Only the love of a good woman will make a man question every choice, every action...
Only love makes a warrior hesitate for fear that his lady will find his weakness...
Only love makes a man how best he will ever be...
Only love makes a man to realise how worth his heart is...
Only love makes a man to valuate, how much expensive his love is...

I can't teach anyone what is l love but I can tell you that if we don't see it's life.... There's no heartbeat.... it makes no sense at all..
" There are links that go beyond physical contact, proximity and sight. They travel invisible roads until they get to the head. They run into so many lanes called: understanding, listening, telepathy, empathy, belonging. What they transmit is comparable to mental intercourse, they involve so much that they can satisfy any tangible lack. It's rare to live them, but when they arrive it's good to be possessed, because it's very easy to conquer a body, but not as much as you can...

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