In a relationship, you need to participate in everything going on in your partner's life. As a man, you need to participate in your woman's life; try to help her grow. As a woman, you need to also participate in your man's life; help him find stability.

Relationship is like a football match.
There are people that  are just spectators, some are die hard fans, some are the real players

Spectators are those that are just staying and watching without any positive input in the life of his or her partner. They don't care about anything that happens, because they care about themselves alone.
They can switch you at anytime.

To be a good partner, you need to have a die hard fan and a serious player's mentality.

Be your partner's die hard fan;
Cheer her up, encourage him, stand by her, pray for his growth, support her, speak positive words about him or her, and if case be, fight anybody or thing that speaks bad about your partner.

Be your partner's team player;
As a team player, always think of how to make your relationship succeed. Read books, look for new things to do to make your partner always happy

As a woman, don't just delight in wasting your man's hard earned resources, try to encourage him in saving and investments.

As a man, try to make your woman hardworking. Make her have a lucrative hardwork.

Participate spiritually, physically, financially and morally in your partner's life.

1. SPIRITUALLY: pray for him or her. Speak positive words, prophecy for him or her.

2. PHYSICALLY: protect her. Be proud to walk with her on the road.
Hold her hands in the public.

3. FINANCIALLY: support her dreams. Build and establish her. Don't allow her be a house wife.
Encourage him to invest his money. Bring new ideas he can grow with the little money he has.
Stop wastages.

4. MORALLY: encourage him or her in life, cheer him or her up.
Always tell him, I believe in you. I believe you can make it.

Advice him or her.
Always talk to and give listening ears.

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