Any love that begins on the bed will end after sex but any love that begins in the heart will end after death....

Never sink your love for lust..
Stop acting up ......


√ Faithfulness is the womb of a relationship but unfaithfulness is the tomb.
Avoid cheating otherwise it will sink your ship..

√ Is unfortunate that "some" men pay dearly for lust, none pays a dime for love..
You can't plant mango and reap apple.

√ Marriage is not an automatic changer..
A cheating boyfriend will graduate to a cheating husband, same goes with a cheating girlfriend.
Faithfulness should be your watch word.

√ Never hurt the heart that loves you; true love is scarce in the singles market.

√ Stop acting up like someone is forcing herself/himself on you .
Speak up if you're not ready because time is too expensive..

√ Don't make one look stupid because of love.
   Pretence doesn't pay, to be real is less expensive.

√ Don't take that love or feelings for nothing..
   Availability of a product doesn't make it cheap.
   Value what you profess....

√ "Don't go through my phone; I won't go through yours too" This is attitude of business partners not soulmates.
Because love is honest and faithful..

√ When you keep silence in your relationship, it will sink your love..
The more you keep quit, the more you keep distance.

√ Don't force your feelings, true love is like a river.
  If you don't have feelings for the person, don't pretend about it and speak up..

√ To enjoy your relationship, you must accept responsibility, as an office of hard work not office of fun.

√ Stop acting up; you're not dating unless you have met in person.

√ Stop acting up; sex is not an evidence of love.
   Communication grows love not sex..

√ You must realize that you're into this together.
  Avoid one sided communication and attention.

Stop acting up because it will sink your ship.
To love is never by force but a choice.

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