I am sorry, a short but mighty sentence! If you wish to live long, don't joke with this short sentence, I am sorry. Do you know how many people who had gone to early grave because they neglected the therapeutic power of I am sorry.
Most of the troubles in most homes are heightened because wives are too big to say I am sorry to their husbands and you can trust the ego of husbands in saying same to their wives.

Quarrel lingers between friends because no party wants to say I am sorry. Each says or asks, why should I be the first to say I am sorry? He or she would beat his or her chest and utter the ego phrase, a whole me! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the part of the world where saying I am sorry is a hard nut to crack while curses are easily unleashed.

Welcome to the part of the world where people refer to a person who says I am sorry in a midst of a rift as a weaker sex: one who is not man enough; one who is foolish.
Welcome to Africa where saying I am sorry is tougher than forcing a donkey to pass through a needle hole.


All of us are victims of this discussion. We have lost valuable assets, money and even lives because of this cheap and affordable sentence I am sorry. It simply cost only a breath of speech.
Have you ever wondered why domestic violence is less pronounced in the western world? It is simply because they understand the efficacy of I am sorry.
Husbands say it to their wives and even children whenever they err, wives and children do the same and life goes on fine.

Friends, this is simply a piece to encourage us to cultivate a habit of saying I am sorry. It is difficult but readily affordable. Learn how to say I AM SORRY even if you are right.
If I have offended you in one way or the other, I am sorry
My apologies

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