You don’t fall in
love with a body,
you fall in love
with a soul.
And once in love
with a soul,
about that body
becomes beautiful....❤️

The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.~

I swear i couldn't love you
more than I do right now &Yet i know i will tomorrow.

♡ In the Garden of Love
I see Your Face....
In the taste of Sweetness
I feel Your kiss....
In the shadows of passion
I am embraced by Your Love...♡
♡ ☼ ♡

One kiss, one look in your eyes, one dance with your soul, I am lost..lost in you.

Take me....Deep inside you to your sacred place before words are spoke in to poetry.
Take me...To your temple, your sacred place in the silent moments before your prayer.
Take me...To your aching desire, your sacred place to the gasp of air
Take me...My sacred lover, to the edge of our sensual garden, basking in pure divine light of love

Eyes look, at, talk
And looks give time to time.
And living is dedicate life
Like past that in synapses
Then you rest and in the present see
His future.
Dedicate every moment
And even beyond,
Because you've been and you're next to me
Like my most beautiful time:
In the essence of flights often inaccurate
And in the hug of mine and your smiles.

And only when you touch the right hands that you feel all the beauty of your body.
More than looking at your hands you learn to listen to them, to translate them, as they move, talk, silence, nothing is done.

And what a love it is.
Love that wraps
And twists every reason.
Love that inebriates and clouds
That brain accountant
With his game
Of giving and having.

Three words ....
"I Love You"
"I Want You"
"I Need You"
"I Miss You"
But these three words could never meant "I Hate You" no matter sometimes how much you hurt me. When ....
Two Hearts ...
Meant to beat for one another.
Two Souls ...
Entwined into One in Togetherness,
With just One Love ...

I see you every day
your form and manner
pleases my eyes

I feel you every day
your soul and energy
permeates my frame

I crave you every day
your essence activates
all my senses

I reach out to you every day,
mind to mind,
in hopes that you
will turn and look
my way…

He said close your eyes my love
You will find my voice and hugs
In dreams we'll be together as love birds
I opened my eyes as I was hurt
And said I don't want dreams beloved
I do want realities, I want your touch
I want to radiate only in your love

My love is a promise, an unbreakable bond. Forever I’ll love you, here and beyond.🌹🌹🌹

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