You have no idea how much I love you. Nobody on this planet has any idea how much because very single love in this world is different and everyone loves differently. Never does the same love happen twice. Never will anyone love you the way I do ... I love you more than the sun, the moon, the stars, diamonds, money, possessions. There is nothing in all the world I want more than you. All those other people are nothing to me, all those materials things are also nothing.

I love you with all my heart, my soul, my everything. I love you today, tomorrow, next month, next year, next life if there is a next life. I will always love you.

I think I am the luckiest person to have known such feelings and I would never trade this for anything. When I first met you, I knew you were special. Something just clicked inside me, and there was a recognition that this was the beginning of something wonderful.

You have made me see that life has so much to offer, that life is colorful and beautiful, not drearily dull as I used to see it.

I never want to be without you. I want to grow old with you by my side. I love you now and forever.
Honey, please don't joke with my feelings.

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