To make the right choice, you must consider the future more than the present..

Promises isn't enough to consider your partner, but the most important thing is the character and his / her words.

Love and feelings isn't enough, always face reality in your relationship.

What every woman should desire is a man that can take responsibility of his ejaculation not abortion.

If you don't have a "Choice" you will settle for anybody. This will cause you to make a wrong choice...

Refused to be an option otherwise you will be taken got granted...

Before you wait for anyone in a relationship, engage in a serious counselling..
Waiting have disappointed a lot..

Do not force yourself on him/ her when his family is against you.
Let him project your image to them..

Don't hurt your feelings, when is not working out, is better now than after marriage..

Whosoever does not have your time, does not have you at heart.
Try to understand when is over...

If there is a condition to love you e.g ( Sex) you will fall in love and never be in love.
Which means you can fall out anytime.

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