Lady you don’t have any biz proving to any man that you’re a wife material. There is no such thing like wife material that the limitations men has used to enslaved a lady in a relationship. Most ladies believe when you do all the wifey duties he will marry you ,babe that one na big lie. A man that will marry you does not need u to enslave yourself for him inorder to prove you’re what he want. Ladies let me tell you a little secret, men can actually met a lady today and within  few months they married her, why because they have probably seen what they are looking for, any man that you need to sacrifice your all to be with is not your husband, so leave that relationship and start looking for how to better your life.

Also ladies can you stop spending all your money on men, you’re only inviting fuck boys or fuck men to ur life. The Bible said we are helpmate to our husbands not boyfriend, the act of giving man ur money inorder for him to marry you is a wrong mentality that need to be stop with immediate effect ,if you want to help a guy no problem do it but never you expect him to marry you .

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