Your relationship doesn't have to make sense to anyone except you, your partner and God. It's a relationship and not a community project.

Date in private.
Love in private
Be happy in private
Maintain in private
Rebuild yourself in private

Not everything about your life and relationship is meant for social media.

Sometimes you need to learn to keep it low key and just do you without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Just cause they hit like button on your pics don't necessarily mean they are happy for you.

God through an Angel instructed Joseph to take Baby Jesus and the Mother and stay in Egpty not because God can't protect Baby Jesus from Herod, but sometimes "Wisdom is profitable to direct"

Your relationship is your relationship. Stop inviting people on a journey that's only meant for three.....God, you and your partner. Not everyone needs to know your business. When you operate in private, the enemy won't know where to strike.#Keep_It_Private

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