In a relationship You should both be committed💑👫 make time to spend together 😍😍 have long crazy conversation, gossip a little💯😂, take pictures together .

😍😊🙋 Go Fuck for like, 2 hours😋🍑🍆 make food together 🍝🍟🍔 then wash dishes together maybe take a stroll around or play pillow fight or something💁💞 then forget about sex✋☝.
Tease each other then lay down together and have a moment of silence🙌😍😊 play with each other's phones📱📞after take a crazy video dancing or something🍁🚬

is that too much to ask for??💯🚮Relationship gets better when two people want the same thing💯💯 you just have to take that one person and settle down with em.. instead of wasting each other's feelings😕🙌💔.

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