1. SHYNESS: Most women are shy to the extent of finding it difficult to undress in front of their hubby.

They will like to make love only at night without light. Some women have not seen the size of their hubby's dick. They only feel it.. Hubby will bring out his prickson and a wife will shout 😱 "" please cover that thing " my sister wake up. Praise that thing πŸ™Œ...

It makes men to feel good 😁.
Give him breast to suck when he is reading newspaper or pressing phone. Open his boxers unexpectedly and touch your boy!Use your leg to enter his boxers while watching television.. It makes men feel good.

2.TO BE SILENT: Don't be a mute wife on bed... Freely express urself. You will achieve this if you are not shy. Don't just lay on the bed like a dead wood, it will make him think he is not digging deep.

Talk dirty and moan, it will aid him to pump well. It will also make you to reach orgasm.

3. NO ATTEMPT TO INITIATE SEX: Why is it that you always ask hubby for money but find it difficult to ask for this sweet thing called "SEX" Tell your man that you wanna ride him tonight or you need to be scr**ed. You can have a coded slang for it.. Grab his d**k and whisper to him like
"Oh sweet I want you inside me"...
You want your man to lick your plate but you can't keep it clean.

Otu has a special scent that a man can scent and the eyes of his d**k will open... But when he enters there and perceive  okpei (local Maggi) he will never lick again😩. You hubby can f*ck you with tongue if that place is neat.

I rest my case!!! Yeeeeeeeeee who stone me πŸ™†‍♂️πŸ™†‍♂️πŸ™†‍♂️πŸ™†‍♂️

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