Yes, most men want sex.... what they don't want is to feel like they are raping their wife. One of the reasons why many men preferred the outside action than the inside.

It does not matter how beautiful you are as a woman, no matter how much he values you, if you are going to always make him struggle with you or beg you for sex, you may as well consider him as half gone. It is true that marriage is not about sex alone.... but so it is with food.

Food is not for survival alone, but we all need food to live healthy as well. Men need sex... it is just something they can't compromise on. And to get a man to be your true friend and a good listener, first treat him like he deserve your body.

Now and again, of course there will be genuine reasons to say no.... but when your no becomes like a radio that never runs out of power, it will be almost certain that you are inviting danger into your relationship. Love can't stop him.

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