What do we do now?
Where everything flows and the world shouts our name? What do we do, for these steps that travel the existence of our breath? Walking again for how long?
We seek the moment, that essence of a moment, of a feeling, of an emotion
They don't know, reason, understand
We look for eyes inside the soul
The ears inside the heart
And the lips inside the head
We are not for time and not even for things already seen
We look for the different, the simplicity, the caress, the gesture
The uniqueness for that tear and for that smile
Freedom of choice
Love for the whole
It's you and I now
Together with the dark, the cold, the snow of snow
To the tenderness of our hearts to give essence to our flight
What do we do now?
"We fly together you and I"

He only has to hold out his hand and ask. I am his to lead, I am his follower always. Til the end of my days I will go to him.

Relations should be like two zeroes. when you try to add, they are the same.
When you try to subtract, they are still the same...
But when you try to divide,its impossible.

One day your Heart will take you to your Lover,
One day your Soul will Carry you to the Beloved,
Don't get lost in your Pain,
Know that One day your Pain will Become your Cure..!!

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