If you are been doing so well in your relationship or courtship without any issues.

Please try and create a problem or misunderstanding in your relationship or courtship.

It might sound so funny but it's very important because without problems there will be no solutions.

If you are having a good time in your relationship or courtship, as in always without any issues, that means one person is pretending and it's very dangerous for your courtship or your relationship, because by the time two of you finally got married, the person will bring out he/her true colour and by this time it will be too late for you to handle because you did not expect that to happened or you did not expect that person to do that, it will become a thing of surprise to you.

So it's better for us to have misunderstanding in order for us to understand ourselves better, if we have a better understand in our courtship or relationship, we will enjoy it, because it will bring us more closer to our partners.

And when misunderstanding arise we should learn to forgive and to let go of that particular subject, we should not use that misunderstanding against ourselves time next time, it's not advisable to remember the past mistakes.

One thing is for us to have problems, another thing is, how do we handle the problems when there comes. We should learn to forgive and to say "I AM SORRY" always, no matter what happened.

In conclusion: Conflict Resolution is very important in our courtship and in our relationship.

A word is enough for the wise.
Proverbs 1:5-6, 8:33.

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