You call yourself a married man why are you still cheating on your wife ?
You claim that you love her
And took her to the altar
now  she doesn't look beautiful in your eyes anymore
She doesn't look attractive in your eyes anymore because another woman has  taken her place in your heart.
let me ask you a question, what so special about her that your wife doesn't have??   Remember the promises you made to each other at the altar, the Lord is watching you.
You ladies, keep on jumping from one married man to another, you think that you are enjoying  while his wife is crying, and
 you will later pray to God for a honest  and decent  husband
remember the Bible says,"  what you do to others will be done to you ( Matthew 8:12)
That is the word of God.
Ladies, Abasi kese oo

If you no understand please don't ask me anything oooo

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