1. Which perfume do you use? You smell so nice!

2. Where did you buy that pretty dress from? It looks gorgeous on you.

3. Where did you get your hair done from? The hairstyle looks great on you.

4. You are so intelligent. Which school do you attend?

5. Did you get your awesome sense of humor from your dad?

6. Which style icon do you follow? Your fashion sense is truly enviable.

7. Your skin is so smooth and flawless, which skin care regime do you follow?

8. Do you work out regularly? You look so healthy and perfect.

9. Do you read a lot of books? Because you are so knowledgeable.

10. Do you learn music or are you naturally gifted?

11. I like your company a lot; can I hang out more with you and get to know you better?

12. I like your personality, can we be friends?

13. Isn’t the weather good to have a nice cup of coffee?

14. What do you like doing the most over weekends?

15. You look a little off, would you like me to get you an ice-cream of your choice?


16. Your bag looks heavy; would you let me carry it for you?

17. Can I call you when I feel like hearing your voice?

18. Can you help me out with this homework/assignment?

19. I am weak on this subject, would you mind teaching it to me?

20. I would like to talk to you; can I have few minutes of your time?

21. The seat beside you is unoccupied; can I have a seat there?

22. I am new here; can you show me around the area?

23. I hate eating alone; can I join you and your friends for lunch?

24. I have tickets for your favorite band; would you like to go with me?

25. Which genre of movie do you like to watch the most?

26. Which subject do you love the most? And why?

27. Would you go out with me?

28. Who do you consider as an inspiration in your life?

29. What is your favorite color?

30. Whom do you love the most?

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