Corona virus has become the talk of the day, this virus had kept on terrorizing the world as a whole, this virus doesn't mind the people's State of riches neither does it mind any country's high level of economy.

          It is no more a something new neither is it still a doubt that this deadly virus has no cure for now. People do stay indoors 24 hours just to stay free from this virus, different measures and policies have been mapped out by different countries of the world in order to safeguard the lives of their citizens but all these where to no avail as more cases of the virus are being recorded everyday.

          Today, it is good to bring to everybody's notice about a very good solution mapped out by the famous Ghanaian singer"Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., (born 17 October 1984)" who is popularly known by his stage name " shatta wale "

          The singer who is sometimes referred to as an actor due to his appearance in the movies "Never say never, The trial of shatta Wale, Shattered lives and so on " said to his fellow Ghanaians that the best solution to this situation at hand is to embrace God and never leave him.

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          The singer who stands the rightful owner of the shatta movement music label furthered by telling the people that only God is the solution to the situation and that no man can save anyone until the Cure to this virus is found.

 According to His twitter page he said "Ghanaians must give their life to Christ now ,no man can save you this time apart from God !!!! Until they get the cure God is the only way !!! 🙏🏽.
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