It is no more a news that COVID 19 is a pandemic disease that aims as claiming so many populations of the world, so many countries of the world have declared a stay-at-home policy as a precautive measure to safeguard the lives of their citizens.

 Today Nigeria has also declared a stay-at-home policy all in the name of safeguarding the lives of their precious citizens.

          Yul Edochie, a Nigerian  actor, named after a popular Russian actor Yul Brynner, has urged with Nigerian government to provide a kind of help no matter how small it seems to be to Nigeria citizens at this period of sit at home.

 The Anambrarian who remain the son of the most notable nollywood actor Pete Edochie while making his request referred it direct to the office of the presidency telling him the need of this his request most especially that this will be a source of support to Nigerians.

          Speaking further to the public through the press conference, the 38 year-old actor said that it will be difficult making the masses to stay at home without offering them any support.

 According to the actor putting it in his own words he said "Your Excellency President Buhari
Pls provide an economic relief package for Nigerians, even if it's 50k each, it will go a long way.
People are hungry, locked down with no money, begging left, right & centre.
With the situation like this, it'll be difficult to keep people at home."

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          He went further commending all the governments at different level for their different efforts to stop the spread of the pandemic disease and he prayed also that the disease will come to an end soonest.

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