The president of the federal Republic of Nigeria, his excellency president Mohammadu Buhari had yesterday urged the general public to stay strong and never be overwhelmed by the fear of coronavirus.

 the president made this open in two occasions which include when he spoke to the journalists yesterday and secondly when he spoke on his Twitter page. Speaking to the journalists yesterday he said keeping the people safe from Corona virus is a key priority to us as the government "we have so many precautions mapped out to keep the people safe from this deadly virus which aims at reducing the population of the World as a whole and as well we have some health and medical organizations which are there to provide safety and good health upon Nigerians."

Muhammadu buhari who was born 17 December 1942 made this open yesterday while speaking to the journalist. he continued saying that no government of the world will like to lose even a single soul to this deadly virus that terrorizes the whole world today.

The president who served as military head of state from 1983 to 1985, after taking power in a military coup d'├ętat also made this known while speaking from his Twitter page when he said "Protecting Nigerians from the Coronavirus is a key priority for us as a Government. We have the Ministry of Health and the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) working round-the-clock with several other agencies, as well as State Governments, to ensure this."

Further speaking he asked Nigerians to always go by the measures given to them by the WHO and other internal health organisations for their own good, for the good of the Nation and as well for the good of the world as a whole.

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