It is such a great day as one of the most beautiful, sexy and romantic Nollywood actress  by name Juliet Njemanze broke her feelings this morning on sex.

The actress who remain the first and only daughter out of her four siblings said there is no need beating around the bush and the truth must be made opened.

The actress who is born of Imo state parents broke this during her chat with Potpourri. And according to her, she said "For me, apart from knowing God and all … sex is the next most important. He has to be good in bed. It’s definitely sex before money because you could give me all the money in the world, if I’m not sexually satisfied, I will definitely cheat on you,” she said when asked what was more important to her in a relationship among love, money and sex.


But when it comes to picking up roles, picking up sex scene roles don’t work for Juliet. She said there are certain roles she cannot interpret because of her personal convictions.

“There are certain characters that I can’t play and there are certain things I can’t do. If the role requires me to be blasphemous or to say something that goes against my faith in God, I won’t take the role. I can’t do sex scenes. I can do romance but not sex. I’m not ‘churchy’ but I’m spiritual. I’m very much in touch with my spiritual side. I love God and I pray and read my Bible. I might not necessarily go to church every Sunday or attend church programmes, but I’m spiritual,”

The actress who started her acting career in 2013 with the movie "Tears in my heart" went further describing her kind of person during which she said “I’m a very honest person. I detest lies and deceit. I’m real to the core. I don’t know how to sugar-coat things or be ‘diplomatic’. People who are fake call it being diplomatic. I also take my work very seriously. I play but when it’s time to work I just work."
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