From our sports desk, we with heart full of anger and Sorrow brought to the general public the saddest news this morning.

It has been confirmed that the manager of Arsenal Football Club has been tested and confirmed that he had fall victim of the deadly circulating Corona virus.

From the reports reaching to us this morning from channels TV it says that the manager Mikel Arteta was tesed of malaria in which the result read malaria negative .

But later in the day another test was carried out on corona virus and it read positive.  The Spanish and former player of Arsenal Football Club has commenced treatment immediately the test read positive on him and from the reports coming to us no one knows the faith of the young man for now.The coach who was born in the year 1982, out of his pure heart demanded that the same test should be run on his players after which the result read negative for now.

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 as it stands now no Arsenal player was confirmed of the victim of Corona virus yet and from the report reaching to us the players were asked to stay indoor to ensure safety on them.
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