The whites are scared of corona-Teni

The popular Nigerian musician Teniola Apata, better known as Teni has made it clear six days ago that even the whites are scared of corona virus.

The young female star continued by saying that if the whites are scared of it that means Africans are in trouble but she never fail to ask God to save the Africans from this deadly virus.


Teni who said this six days ago during her tour to London with Doctor dollo said that she asks God to safeguard the blacks and that as for she and her people they are not scared of conona virus

In her word she said "Oyinbo sef Dey fear Coro!!! God safe ussssss"

The Nigerian artiste broke another silent that very day by shorting down a mall, she short it down by asking the total amount of everything inside it and paid for it all immediately .

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