With this I move forward to putting smile on the face of my fans- shatta Wale

 The popular Ghanaian music artiste Shatta Wale has kept on doing everything within his power to put smile on the faces of the general public.

The Ghanaian whose real name remains Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr was born on the 17 October 1984. From his commentary so far on the Outbreak of Corona virus it has been made known that it pains him that the world keep on living in fear and panic.

 On the quest to eliminate this fear the singer and music writer who started his music career in 2004 has decided to put a smile upon the face of the World as a whole. The smile which he decided to bring in a special way is what he said will take place in his home country Ghana.

 This way of putting smile on the face of the world according to him is what he called "Faith concert". He also said that the leaders and the wealthy ones will try to know that it is part of their responsibility to be reducing the fear among the rest.

Speaking to the world through the media the star said "In this pandemic, i want my fans around the Globe to have that hope that everything is soon going to be okay and that i still have them in mind and in heart.


I still want to put smiles on their faces thats why I’m putting together “THE FAITH CONCERT“ .

Speaking further the artist advised the general public to try not-to-miss the event which according to him is built not with the aim of self-interest but public interest which is only to put smile on their faces with the aim of removing and reducing the fear in them.

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